Medical Records Request

Access to medical records is available to patients over the age of 18 or a legal guardian and is protected by federal HIPAA regulations.

Information for Patients, Parents, and Legal Guardians

Patients, parents and guardians who would like to receive a copy of their medical records or to allow third party access to you or your child’s records, should complete the Authorization to Disclose Medical Records Form here.

(Please note there is a $1.00 per page fee that must be paid in advance before your request will be processed. You will receive an invoice via email with a total amount due and instructions for payment once the request has been submitted through the link above).

Information for Third Party Requestors

Third party requestors please submit a written request for the client’s medical records along with a signed patient authorization. You may fax to (321) 639-1194 or email to  (Please note there is a $1.00 per page charge).

If you have additional questions, please contact Records Requests in our Outpatient Behavioral Health Program at (321) 639-1224; option 4 during normal business hours.