Telehealth Instructions

Our goal as Florida’s premiere telehealth provider of mental health and substance misuse needs is to continually offer the highest levels of technical assistance and customer service.
Below you’ll find telehealth instructions about accessing and scheduling your virtual visit, testing your connection, troubleshooting, helpful tips and examples for when to contact us and Mend when you require technical assistance.
Before you continue, be sure to download our latest Telehealth How-To Guide…
Mend / IMPOWER – Telehealth How-To Guide
Steps for a successful visit…
  1. Schedule Your Appointment: After your referral is accepted you’ll receive a call from Central Referrals & Staffing to schedule your appointment.
  2. Confirm Your Appointment: You will then receive an email, SMS, text message and/or phone message asking you to confirm.
  3. Test Your Connection: Make sure you test your connection in the space where you plan to have your tele-visit.
  4. 24 Hour Reminder and 30 Min. Reminder: You will receive reminder notifications via email, SMS, text message and/or phone leading up to your tele-visit.
Helpful Tips
  • Do not have your visit while driving.
  • Be mindful of inclement weather.
  • Make sure you’re located in Florida during your visit.
Required Devices 

Device: Apple Smartphone or Tablet (iPhone/iPad)
Browser: Safari or Mend Telemedicine App

Device: Android Smartphone or Tablet (Samsung/LG/HTC/Nexus/Pixel)
Browser: Google Chrome and/or Mend Telemedicine App

Device: Desktop or Laptop Computer (Mac/Windows)
Browser: Google Chrome (preferred browser) or Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Explorer is not supported.

How do I download/access the Mend Telemedicine App?
Mend Telemedicine App Flyer
When should I contact IMPOWER?

Contact us to make or change an appointment.

For Referrals or to Make an Appointment
Phone: 321-639-1224 – option 2

When should I contact Mend?

Contact Mend for technical assistance. For example…

Access Mend’s General Support & Patient Resources here.

Access Mend’s Video Visit Connection Test & Tips here.

To learn how to connect with your provider for your visit click here.

To contact Mend you can visit their website or click the “Need Help” button in the Mend portal or call them at 1-866-392-4973 or via email here.