Drug Court

IMPOWER partners with the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit to deliver the Drug Court Program services in Seminole County to eligible adults and juveniles. The mission of the Seminole County Drug Court, which operates as a diversion program, is to unite judiciary, criminal justice entities, substance abuse treatment providers and the community into a single program that reduces substance abuse by nonviolent offenders, restores them to law abiding productivity while lessening the fiscal impact on society.

Referrals for the program must be made directly by the State Attorney’s Office.

Juvenile Drug Court (Seminole County)

Juvenile Drug Court offers an alternative to the normal judicial process for delinquency cases. The process is initiated through the juvenile judicial process by the State Attorney’s Office. IMPOWER, as the contracted treatment provider, then intervenes in cases and offers services to help the youth transition into a healthy lifestyle and greatly reduce the chance of a youth re-entering the system.

The Juvenile Drug Court Program is available at no cost to the individual or family.

A youth’s vision of a better life is supported through the Juvenile Drug Court Program through the following benefits:

  • Specialized intensive substance abuse treatment
  • Acquisition of the tools required for positive lifestyle changes and the development of improved coping skills
  • Strengthen family relationships.
  • Enhance employment opportunities.
  • Improve educational focus and goal setting.
  • Potential to end juvenile probation upon successful completion of program.
  • Nolle Prosequi (be unwilling to pursue, do not prosecute)
  • Reduction in chance for recidivism.

All Juvenile Drug Court participants must complete substance abuse treatment, delivered by IMPOWER, in the program phases outlined below. The length of program phases will vary depending on individual progress.

  • Phase 1:
    Attend group three times a week
    Individual counseling sessions weekly
    Family session monthly
    Random urinalysis testing weekly
  • Phase 2:
    Attend group two times a week
    Individual counseling session’s bi-weekly
    Family session monthly
    Random urinalysis testing weekly
  • Phase 3:
    Attend group weekly
    Individual counseling session’s monthly
    Family session monthly
    Random urinalysis testing weekly
  • Phase 4 (approximately 30 days):
    Attend group bi-weekly
    Individual counseling sessions as needed
    Family session monthly
    Random urinalysis testing weekly

Adult Tier 1 Drug Court (Seminole County)

Adult Drug Court services offer an alternative to the normal judicial process. Participants are Seminole County residents, 18 years or older, whose current charge is a non-violent offense and in some way involves the use or possession of substances. The program/projects to serve, first-time offenders in a Tier- One Pre-Trial Intervention program. Excluded from participation are serious offenses and prior or current violent or criminal felony offenses relating to drug trafficking and importation.

To qualify for Adult Tier 1 Diversion participants must be referred by the Eighteenth Judicial Court.

All Adult Tier 1 participants must complete Psycho-educational Classes that will be delivered by IMPOWER. The classes will span a length of 6 weeks and will cover the following topics:

  • Session 1: Introduction and Disease Model
  • Session 2 and 3: Stages of addiction and change
  • Session 4: HIV/AIDS
  • Session 5: Early Recovery
  • Session 6: Relapse Prevention and Summary

Every participant will also be required to submit to random urinalysis screenings.

For additional information and referral assistance please contact:

Jessica Hixon, Director of Prevention and Support Services
Email:    jhixon@impowerfl.org
Phone:  (407)-215-0095 ext 218