The Grove


The Grove supports adolescents suffering from alcohol or substance abuse and in need of a more intensive individual support plan. Our voluntary residential program is available for youth 13-17 years old and the recommended stay ranges from three to six months depending on the individual’s progress.

The family component educates those closest to the youth about chemical dependency and the practical skills needed to support the youth in his/her vision of a better life.

With the primary diagnosis of substance abuse, a youth can benefit from the structure of the day to day activities The Grove provides:

  • Group therapy 5 days a week
  • Individual and family therapy at least once a week
  • Florida Virtual School for all clients to maintain his/her current status with credits or catchup with the assistance of a teacher in the classroom. Credits from Florida Virtual School are accepted at all Florida schools. This helps reduce the possible stigma when the youth returns to school.
  • Life Skills Courses teaches our clients those basic life skills they might not have received as they progress into adulthood. Basic budgeting, interviewing for a job, and planning a healthy meal are a few of the topics touched on in our Life Skills program.
  • Community outings and volunteer opportunities
  • Evenings can include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous

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Intake Procedures

When inquiring about intake procedure for The Grove, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Household income documentation
  • Current school transcripts and withdraw paperwork
  • Immunization records
  • Tuberculosis skin test results

For more information about The Grove or make a referral, please contact us at 407.215.0095; option 3 or email

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