Contributed by: Judy Charuhas, LMHC, NCC, CCPT and EMDR Certified, Director of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, IMPOWER
February 2023

It’s February and Love is in the Air!

Everyone can improve their relationships by learning the 5 Love Languages! Our love language is how we express love or affection.  It’s how we feel heard and valued.

Good, healthy, and supportive relationships are needed for good mental health.

You can also take the 5 Love Languages quiz online at

Once you understand your love language and that of a friend, partner, spouse, etc., and practice it, your relationships will improve because communication is the key to all good relationships. Some examples:

If Sally’s love language is Words of Affirmation

From a boss: “You did a great job on that presentation, Sally” will make Sally feel like she is heard and seen and make her want to do more for those words of affirmation.

If Dave’s Love Language is Acts of Service

Dave’s kids may say, “Daddy, we washed the car for you.” Dave feels loved and valued.

If Barry’s love language is Receiving Gifts

His wife may say, “I got you a new fly rod.” And he feels heard and loved

If Janes’s love language is Quality Time

Her friend Tracy may say, “Let’s book lunch and just spend that time catching up.” Jane feels valued as a friend.

If your child’s love language is Physical Touch

Henry getting a hug and tucked in at night means more than any other love language.

Try the quiz with a partner, friend, or spouse and get to know them better!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Judy Charuhas, LMHC, NCC, CCTP, and EMDR Certified
IMPOWER’s Director of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Outpatient Services