Despite the stress of the holiday season, IMPOWER wants you to have an emotionally healthy and successful holiday season. We’ve provided six tips from our Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient Services, Judy Charuhas, to help you cope with the holidays this year.
  • Set Good Boundaries: Don’t say yes to more than you can handle! Set a boundary such as “We don’t discuss politics at the dinner table in this house.”
  • Delegate what can be done by another person: Share the “load”, even small children can complete some tasks like setting the table, making the bed, etc.
  • Know Your Limits: This could look like setting a time limit with “toxic” people, knowing what activities to say no to participating in, and not overspending on holiday gifts.
  • Always have a Plan B: Drive yourself to an event, so you are not dependent when you need to leave.
  • Utilize Coping Skills: Find a coping skill that works for you, such as deep breathing, taking a walk, etc., to practice daily and as needed.
  • Find Your Support System: Find your group and support each other. This could be friends and family or even online support groups.
If you are grieving, remember it may increase depression and/or anxiety during the holidays – reach out for help. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to someone. Our telehealth platform makes it easy to receive help in a secure and timely fashion. For more information or to schedule your next visit via telehealth, visit our outpatient program page here or call us at (321) 639-1224; Option 2.
Remember, the holidays are a time of hope and celebration.
Try to find the good in the holiday!